Basic Android Device Resolutions

Lately at work I've been dealing with doing apps for multiple Android devices. I put together a simple image for my findings. Note that the orientations for the Blackberry devices aren't exact, but the sizes are (click image for full size version)

Basic Android Device Resolutions

A list of the devices mentioned here are:

Galaxy Note (800x1280)
Galaxy Note II (720x1280)
iPhone Retina (640x480)
Droid 3 and Droid 4 (540x960)
Sony Ericsson LT15i & Droid 2 (480x854)
Galaxy S I, Galaxy S II, Galaxy SIII (480x800)
Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 (640x480)
Blackberry Torch (360x480)
T-Mobile Concord (320x480)
Blackberry Curve (320x240)

This image is to help with designing apps for devices. Layouts and making apps for multiple devices in android is a completely different discussion.. 

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