php Truncate String to Nearest Space

Recently at work we needed to truncate a string in php. We found some truncate functions online, but we needed to have a bit more zest so I wrote one.

function truncateString($str, $chars, $to_space, $replacement="...") {
   if($chars > strlen($str)) return $str;

   $str = substr($str, 0, $chars);

   $space_pos = strrpos($str, " ");
   if($to_space && $space_pos >= 0) {
       $str = substr($str, 0, strrpos($str, " "));

   return($str . $replacement);

Which can be used like so:

$str = "this is a string that is just some text for you to test with";

print(truncateString($str, 20, true) . "\n");
print(truncateString($str, 22, true) . "\n");
print(truncateString($str, 24, true) . "\n");
print(truncateString($str, 26, true, " :)") . "\n");
print(truncateString($str, 28, true, "--") . "\n");

Where the result will look like:

this is a string...
this is a string that...
this is a string that...
this is a string that is :)
this is a string that is--

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