Searching MySQL Database for EXACT word

Recently I've been stumped with searching a mysql database for exact words. I've tried a number of strategies I found online, but none worked exactly as needed.

The REGEXP didn't work for me at all (probably because I didn't really understand it in the first place). The MATCH/AGAINST would work, but only sometimes. The LIKE worked, but it included more words than what I wanted.

The solution I came up with was to create a chain of subqueries. The first uses the LIKE query to gather up all the rows that are close to the word and then does a REGEX on those rows to find exact matches. This solution feels a bit heavy so I only recommend it where necessary.

My solution is as follows:

FROM $table 
AS allrows 
    SELECT `id`,`text` 
    FROM (
        SELECT `id`,`text` 
        FROM $table 
        WHERE (text LIKE '%$word%')
    ) AS `likerows` 
    WHERE (`text` REGEXP('^.*$word .*$'))
) AS `regexrows` 

Here are my previous attempts that may work for you. I suggest trying them out as they are a bit lighter weight and will certainly help out where they can.

WHERE text REGEXP '[[:<:]]($word)[[:>:]]'
WHERE MATCH(text) AGAINST('$word') // using mysql fulltext on text


WHERE text LIKE '%$word%'

Hope this helps someone. Drop a comment or email me if this doesn't work for you.

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