Why I Recommend TDD


TDD is great for large applications, TDD is great for teams. The only time not to use TDD is if you're just beginning with coding. If you understand the basics, move to TDD next. For those of you ready to learn about TDD here are some great articles I either found or had referred to me.

Difference Between TDD and BDD - A Helpful Stack Overflow Answer

written by jackson


I take this back a little bit

Mar 9, 2017

I take this back a little bit because of the pros / cons

For an agile developer like me TDD seems to be a waste. I like to let the development experience steer me to realize where the project's full potential is. That's how the best projects are made IMO.

That being said, on big agile projects I HIGHLY recommend implemented TDD after the fact. That way any tweaks / changes / updates won't break your code base. You've got to have tests.

If you're doing waterfall dev on a large project then TDD makes sense from the get-go.

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