Network monitors exist and network mice exist, but for the same OS. I needed a network mouse that worked from PC <> Mac and I've been looking for an application like this for far too long.

Today I found it, and I want to brag.

Using ShareMouse I'm not using my mac as a second monitor. Even the free version is great! Anyway, highly recommended if you're needing some network mouse sharing.


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I like this link which covers Big O Notation. Great for brushing up on your skills!


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2 parts:

1) Questions about memory management. ARC vs MRC, Thread Safety (deadlock, race conditions), Blocks, Weak vs Strong references. I missed keeping strong refs to weak items during the block statement life cycle.

2) Coding question. Once I realized it was a permutation function and went strait to the recursion.

Sounds pretty good right? Wrong. I completely lost my noodle on part 2. I explained everything I wanted to do which checked out but everytime I went to write something it came out wrong. Perhaps it was interview anxiety. Immediately after the call I was so frustrated that I went ahead and finished the recursive problem myself.


I should say that shortly after this I was reinterviewed and after a series was flown out to the FB headquarters in CA. Cool experience, utimately not for me. The big 5 really just want coder monkeys; I want to be more creative than that.

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