TDD is great for large applications, TDD is great for teams. The only time not to use TDD is if you're just beginning with coding. If you understand the basics, move to TDD next. For those of you ready to learn about TDD here are some great articles I either found or had referred to me.

Difference Between TDD and BDD - A Helpful Stack Overflow Answer

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I found out about this watching a youtube video. The author used mockaroo.com to mock up data quickly. This is great for when you merely need test data any any given popular format.

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I discovered this on accident while answering a question on stackoverflow

Math.max(...[1, 2, 3]); // 3
Math.min(...[1, 2, 3]); // 1
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I wanted to use Ubuntu ARM 14.04 on my rpi3 but the SD card wasn't even recognize by my rpi3. I even moved a working SD from a rpi2b to my rpi3 with no sucess. I've come to find out via SOF that if you want to Install Ubuntu ARM to a Raspberry Pi 3 that you need to install the newly compiled Ubuntu for the rpi3. Here's the link to download Ubuntu MATE for the Raspberry Pi 3

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I had a long day getting my custom drone to fly. Most of the time was spent modifying the P gain and I gain. Among the different firmwares I tried I stumbled upon P limit, I limit, D gain, and D limit. It was difficult to make sense out of all of these but I finally found success. I definitely recommend this paper for PI Gain Setup by Hobby King.

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