I was looking around for some cool canvas text effects and found this page which is pretty great to find some canvas based text inspiration

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I've found debugging to be tricky with Node, until today. Running with the `--inspect` flag is pretty cool, mind you it's "experimental" and "may be disconued at any time" !

Recap: `$ node --inspect yourFile.js`

Then node will give you a CHROME-ONLY url to debug your script. I highly recommed enabling the auto-break feature in the inspector tools. If you're not familiar that, look at pausing on exceptions in chrome.

Also, here's a good tip for reusing the same web debug session without have to copy/paste the inspection url every time

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I learned a neat trick today. You can't break a javascript forEach loop but you can break a some and an every but there are specific rules.

`some` will only break when a value equivalent to true is returned`every` will only break when a vlue equivalent to false is returned

The reason is because these fuctions are accomplishing similar but different tasks. They each return an overall synonpsys of what happened durind each iteration.

For example:`some` will return `true` if SOME of the iterations return true.`every` will return `true` if EVERY of the iteractions returns true.

This explains why sometime they run full length and sometimes they don't. Depends on the needs!

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TDD is great for large applications, TDD is great for teams. The only time not to use TDD is if you're just beginning with coding. If you understand the basics, move to TDD next. For those of you ready to learn about TDD here are some great articles I either found or had referred to me.

Difference Between TDD and BDD - A Helpful Stack Overflow Answer

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I found out about this watching a youtube video. The author used mockaroo.com to mock up data quickly. This is great for when you merely need test data any any given popular format.

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