I was writing an email to a client when I noticed my email signature was in the wrong spot. I selected it, then copied it. Next I went to paste it in the correct spot, but pasted what had previously been in the clipboard. Apparently I haven't obtained the skills to press "ctrl" and "c" simultaneously. Anyway, the text that was pasted was:

EventDispatcher.prototype.addEventListener = function(type, listener) {    
this._listeners.push({"type":type, "listener":listener, "target":this});

Let's face it, when you go to paste seemingly harmless text and are repremanded via a slap of code to the face, you need to come to grips with the fact that you may have become so nerdy that there is no chance of ever becoming a normal human being, ever again. Embrace it, this is not a bad thing. You have attained a level of geek majesty that some only dream of and if the stars aline, maybe we'll see eachother at a nearby Startrek convention..

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I was looking around a logos today and found a cool little site that picks a usually nifty logo every day to link on their site. I thought this was pretty cool so I decided to give them some SEO++ by linking them on my site. Check them out at http://logooftheday.com/

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Boredom strikes again. Happy Valentine's day.
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I decided, about a week and a half ago, to create iPhone password fields in flash. It may not be tight as a drum, but it works pretty good. Take a look at the playground or at http://drupal.jacksonkr.com/node/43

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In my inbox sits an email entitled "Why are AS3/Flex developers so difficult to locate? Is it too much to ask for those skills combined?" I followed the link to the forum which then talked about Flex, actionscript and mxml. What I want to know is, where are all the *swf* developers? I'm talking about the devs who can develop in flash as well as flex. I've been working with both apps for some time and it's amazingly useful to understand the pros and cons of each. In fact, let's push this thought a step further. Where are all the hardcore interactive developers!? Under your belt should be a nice array of front end languages. Learn Flash, Flex, Javascript, Silverlight and even the HTML 5 canvas (up and coming). Knowing the power of all high-end interactive software will never hurt you! I'm making it a personal goal to raise the bar for interactive developers. After all, knowledge is power.

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