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When being introduced to any language, one of the trickest parts for me is getting xml in an e4-like fashion. The closest thing I have found is this code that captures XML as a NSDictionary. I use it all the time at work and have even made my own spin-off of it that cleans white space off the strings as needed (you can find out more in the link).

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This morning I found myself with a little IOS problem when I wanted to truncate a UILabel's text to a dynamic width. Forunately I found an article online about how to do just that - see "Truncate a String and Append an Ellipsis, Respecting the Font Size" by John Muchow

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I just stumbiled upon a great article about levereging ARC in your objective C applications. I'm doing ARC in a Cocoa Touch (iPad) app right now and it's helped make a couple extra things clear.

For example, I now know that ARC is a target relative switch that can be enabled/disabled. This is helpful for a project with additional compilation targets in it. Recently I added CorePlot to a project and I wish I had known about this ARC switch. Instead I had merged everything to non-ARC for that project, but now that I'm keen to the ARC switch, that won't about happen again.

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I've been doing research about APNs lately which led me to investigate some PHP APNSs (Apple Push Notification Server). I found a promising PHP APNS with Easy APNS. Side note- They undoubtedly have SEO down pat for APNSs because they come up first every time.

Also, there's great documentation on Apple's website if you would like to find out more about Apple Push Notifications and how they work.

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Google trends is a great site to check out if your curious about trending topics. Whether you are curious about technology, fashion, stocks, celebrities, etc. It's all there. In fact, it's probably more fun if you just go not knowing what it's about and just getting to learn the system - that's what I did.

Also, if you enjoy Google Trends, you'll want to check out Google Zeigeist too. It's a collection of the top terms for the last year.

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