I want to give a shout out to some great Q&A forums I've used over the years. I'm giving these in chronological order:

kirupa.com -- This a forum I used for help with actionscript. I used it for AS2 as well as AS3. It's a home to Senocular who is one of the best developers I've ever recieved answers from.

stackoverflow.com -- my favorite Q&A site over the last year or so. This website is home to a plethora of developers with vast knowledge of a great number of expertises. I've learned about Java, IOS, actionscript, javascript, and more all at this same website. It comes highly recommended.

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One of the guys I work with stumbled upon a quick and easy way to use logic to check if a value is not a valid number (non dependant on type). The logic is as follows:

"123" == +"123" // true
"asdf" == +"asdf" // false

Now you can check to see if your variables are numbers even when they come through as strings (eg. from a form)


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I just stumbled across a new factoid regarding javascript. Occasionally JS will throw unneeded decimal places on to float multiplication. For example: 

0.1 * 0.2  // will show 0.020000000000000004

This can be remedied by a couple libraries such as BigDecimal and BigNumber. If you aren't too concerned with exact fractions then it's probably easier to use a Math.round

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I've been doing a lot of IOS on the weekends lately and today I ran into two problems in regard to String Format Specifiers. I found out that if I don't use them correctly then xcode gives me runtime errors that look like they are related to bad memory management, but it's just because I used the wrong specifier. I wrestled with this for a few hours, but someone was able to answer it quickly for me on Stack Overflow.

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Recently I stumbled upon a talented AS3 developer. I was reading an article on "like" buttons from within flash and when I was sent to a page of his that covered Facebook Oauth connections in Flash. He has some fun projects on there and the header of his page is p2p drawing in flash. Pretty cool.

And yes, the thumbnail for this post is a picture of Jozef Chúťka that I "borrowed" from his blog..

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