Essay 2

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2. Describe the VIA test and the core virtues associated with it. What is your greatest signature strength? What have you done to develop and utilize this strength this semester? What are your plans for continued development and utilization of this strength?


Book Authentic Happiness

Ch 9

Description P. 140

Test Pp. 140-159

The VIA (Values-In-Action) Test is set up to see what your signature strengths are from the 24 virtues. The 24 virtues are in six subgroups and are as followed.

- Wisdom and knowledge

1. curiosity/interest in the world

They are open to experience the world.

2. love of learning

Always wants to learn something and anything new.

3. Judgment/critical thinking/open-mindedness

They are able to analyze information to make a judgment call.

4. ingenuity/originality/practical intelligence/street smarts

They are able to use almost any means to get what they want

5. social intelligence/personal intelligence/emotional intelligence

These people know of themselves and others and the motives of each of them

6. perspective

Learns from past experiences and uses them to teach and accomplish things. this is the closest to wisdom.

- Courage

7. valor and bravery

When you are in fear you still go on with courage, even when you are alone

8. perseverance/industry/diligence

Finishes their goals and projects they start and with a smile

9. integrity/genuineness/honesty

You are a real person and will live the truth not just speak it.

- Humanity and Love

10. Kindness and generosity

Enjoys helping others and will take interest in others lives.

11. loving and allowing oneself to be loved

Value intimate relations with others

- Justice

12. citizenship/duty/teamwork/loyalty

Working hard with teammates for a goal. And will pull your own weight

13. fairness and equity

Will not let biases get in the way of your decisions and will treat all the same

14. leadership

Getting the work done and getting along with the group

- Temperance

15. self-control

You can keep your emotions under control. Know and do what is correct.

16. prudence/discretion/caution

Careful person and will not do anything that will cause harm later

17. humility and modesty

Accomplishment and struggles can be unimportant and lets their accomplishment speak for themselves

- Transcendence

18. appreciation of beauty and excellence

Notices and wonders in excellent work of all kinds

19. gratitude

Don’t take things for granted. Will express thanks.

20. hope/optimism/future-mindedness

Has a positive attitude for the future

21. spirituality/sense of purpose/faith/religiousness

Has a strong belief system.

22. forgiveness and mercy

Gives people a second chance and will always forgive

23. Playfulness and humor

loves to laugh and that others laugh to

24. zest/passion/enthusiasm

-------- ALTERNATE -------

a. The VIA test is a survey of character strengths which is used to find which of the 24 core strengths are the strongest for that individual. It can be found at The 24 core virtues or strengths include:

i. Wisdom and knowledge
1. Curiosity/interest in the world
2. Love of learning
3. Judgment/critical thinking/open-mindedness
4. Ingenuity/originality/practical intelligence/street smarts
5. Social intelligence/personal intelligence/emotional intelligence
6. Perspective
ii. Courage
1. Valor and bravery
2. Perseverance/industry/diligence
3. Integrity/genuineness/honesty
iii. Humanity and love
1. Kindness and generosity
2. Loving and allowing oneself to be loved
iv. Justice
1. Citizenship/duty/teamwork/loyalty
2. Fairness and equity
3. Leadership
v. Temperance
1. Self-control
2. Prudence/discretion/caution
3. Humility and modesty
vi. Transcendence
1. Appreciation of beauty and excellence
2. Gratitude
3. Hope/optimism/future-mindedness
4. Spirituality/sense of purpose/faith/religiousness
5. Forgiveness and mercy
6. Playfulness and humor
7. Zest/passion/enthusiasm
b. My greatest strength is hope, optimism and future mindedness. I have used my strength this semester by making more plans for the future and by creating a hope for the future. This past semester I have tried to use this strength by putting myself in positions where I can plan and gain experience of making optimistic plans for the future.
c. My plans for the future are to continue to work on writing down plans and using them to build my future with optimism. By writing down my plans I can make sure that my plans are more hopeful and optimistic.