Essay 3

Rubber Band: 

3. According to Seligman, what three parenting principles arise from positive psychology? Describe techniques for building positive emotion in children. What can be done to develop strengths and virtues in young children?


a. 3 principles:

i. Positive emotion broadens and builds the intellectual, social and physical resources that your children draw upon later in life.

ii. Augmenting positive emotions in your children can start an upward spiral of positive emotion

iii. The positive traits that your child displays are just as real and authentic as his or her negative traits

b. Techniques for building positive emotion

iv. Sleeping with your baby

v. Synchrony games
1. Toys
2. Games
vi. No and yes: no provides limits or danger. It only should be used in those circumstances.
vii. Praise and punishment
viii. Sibling rivalry: limit sibling rivalry by helping all children to work together
ix. Bedtime nuggets
1. Best moments
2. Dreamland
x. Making a deal
xi. New year's resolutions

c. Positive emotion leads to exploration, which leads to mastery, and master leads not only to more positive emotion but to the discovery of your child’s signature strengths.