Essay 5

Rubber Band: 

5. Of all the happiness-promoting activities, forgiveness is one of the most challenging to carry out. Why do you suppose this is the case? What is forgiveness and why should we forgive? The text presented eight techniques we can utilize to help develop forgiveness within ourselves. Describe the four techniques that seem to work best for you.


Authentic Happiness book pg 170 - 179 - How of happiness book pg 169-179

Forgiveness is hard to carry out because people don't want to be perceived as gullible or naive and also it is hard to build back the trust that once existed between the aggresor and the one who was damaged. Forgiveness is suppressing or mitigating one's motivation for avoidance and revenge, also to forgive someone means to replace those bad feelings with a positive attitude, feelings and behaviors. Forgiveness is not necessary a reconciliation, but we should forgive others to let go of our anger; people who forgive tend to be happier, have a better health, more friendly, and in general have a peaceful life. People who forgive also have are more able to reestablish closeness. Forgive others! If you forgive them you are letting yourself to move on from what happened! :) .

The four techniques that worked for me are:

1) Write a letter of forgiveness( letting go of your anger, bitterness and blame by writing, but not sending, a letter to forgive someone that did you wrong).

2) Make contact ( Sending the letter to your aggressor made me feel like setting myself free from the problem)

3)Practice empathy ( I linked this technique with kindness, you can develop empathy for the person who hurt you, and then your desire to forgiveness will increase)

4) Remind yourself (It's ok to remember, as long as I don't re-build the anger and blame by making forgiveness a habit)