Giving Back


I've been on a community service kick lately. Not because it's been ordered by the sate (come on now), but because I feel I've gained a lot from the information I have gained from others and now I would like to share information for the benefit of everyone else.

I'm currently helping out with the website by helping them with their CMS, CCK (content creation kit), and potentially their CSS. I got in with them because one of the founders is a friend of mine who I got to know online over Counter-Strike (go figure) during high school.

One of my current probono projects is similar to google docs, but more directed at education. It will allow one or more persons to enter in question/answer related material and condense it to a flash card environment. This will hopefully play a role in helping the user memorize terms or quiz themselves on the related subject. I'll be sure to post when it's in beta.

written by jackson

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