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Rubber Band: 

Jobs vs. careers vs. callings


(Authentic Happiness 166-170 How 188)

Three kinds of "work Orientation" a job, a career, and a calling. You do a job for the paycheck at the end of the week. You do not seek other rewards from it. It is just a means to another end (like leisure or supporting your family), and when the wage stops you quit.

A career entail s deeper personal investment in work. You mark your achievement through money, but also through advancement.- when the promotions stop to "top out" you begin to look elsewhere for gratification and meaning.

A calling is a passionate commitment to the work for its own sake. Individuals with a calling see their work as contributing to the greater good, to something larger than they are. When the money stop and the promotions end the work goes on. A calling is the most satisfying form of work, because as a gratification it is done for its own sake rather than for the material benefits.

any job can be a calling and any calling can become a job.