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VIA, core virtues, signature strengths



Values in Action: 24 Strengths Survey that rank orders your signature strengths from top to bottom.

Core Virtues

(Authentic Happiness p11 & 133)

The 6 core virtues are:

* wisdom and knowledge
* courage
* love and humanity
* justice
* temperance
* spirituality and transcendence (going the extra mile; doing more than what's expected)

Each core virtue can be sub-divided for the purpose of classification and measurement.

These are core characteristics endorsed by every major religious and philosophical traditions. They capture the notion of "good character."

***We can use our signature strengths to achieve the virtues***

Signature Strengths

(Authentic Happiness p 13)

Signature Strengths are deeply characteristic of you.

Don't spend a lot of time correcting weaknesses.

Highest success in living and the deepest emotional satisfaction come from building and using your signature strengths.

The well-being of using your signature strengths is anchored in authenticity.

(Authentic Happiness p 121)

"The Good Life" happens when you use your signature strengths.

(Authentic Happiness p 161)

Formula for a good life: Using your signature strength will bring about gratification and authentic happiness. Use your signature strengths in work, love, and parenting.

Use them as much often as you can.

(Authentic Happiness p 249)

The formula for a "Meaningful Life": using your signature strengths in the service for something larger than you are.

To live all 3 lives (pleasant, good, & meaningful) is to live a "Full Life."

(Authentic Happiness p 134-61)

Signature Strengths will feel authentic to YOU!

Each person possesses several signature strengths.

Signature strengths are not the same thing as talents (talents are more innate (natural; inborn)

You either have a talent or you don't! Can be automatic. Talent involves some choice.

Strengths are generally more buildable.

Strengths are traits; characteristics that can be seen across different situations and over time.

Strengths are valued in their own right. They produce good consequences.

Strengths are ubiquitous, valued in almost every culture in the world.

***(P160) Criteria for signature strengths:

* ("This is the real me.") A sense of ownership and authenticity.
* A feeling of excitement while displaying it, particularly at first.
* A rapid learning curve as the strength is first practiced.
* Continuous learning of new ways to enact the strength.
* A sense of yearning to find ways to use it.
* A feeling of inevitability in using the strength ("Just try and stop me.")
* Invigoration rather than exhaustion while using the strength
* The creation and pursuit of personal projects that revolve around it
* Joy, enthusiasm, even ecstasy while using it

24 Signature Strengths

* Wisdom and knowledge
1. Curiosity/interest in the world
2. Love of learning
3. Judgment/critical thinking/open-mindedness
4. Ingenuity/originality/practical intelligence/street smarts
5. Social intelligence/personal intelligence/emotional intelligence
6. Perspective

* Courage
7. Valor and Bravery
8. Perseverance/industry/diligence
9. integrity/genuineness/honesty

* Humanity and Love
10. Kindness and generosity
11. Loving and allowing oneself to be loved

* Justice
12. Citizenship/Duty/Teamwork/Loyalty
13. Fairness and Equity
14. Leadership

* Temperance
15. Self-control
16. Prudence/Discretion/Caution
17. Humility and Modesty

* Transcendence
18. Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence
19. Gratitude
20. Hope/Optimism/Future-Mindedness
21. Spirituality/Sense of Purpose/Faith/Religiousness
22. Forgiveness and Mercy
23. Playfulness and Humor
24. Zest/Passion/Enthusiasm