Question 18

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Marriage & happiness


(Authentic Happiness 185-207)

* Every person in the top 10 percentile of happiness was in a serious relationship
* Marriage is a more potent happiness factor than satisfaction w/job, finances, and community
* Love is the emotion that makes another person irreplaceable to us. Love displays the capacity of human beings to make commitments that transcend “what have you done for me lately?” and mocks the theory of universal human selfishness.
* Married people have the least depression and never-married people the next least, followed by people divorced once, people cohabitating, and peopled divorced twice.
* There are three kinds of love- the love of people that comfort us, the love of people that depend on us, and romantic love. Marriage is the only thing that brings all three together into one.
* A successful marriage makes children happier
* Children raised within a successful marriage atmosphere “mature more slowly in sexual terms, they have more positive attitudes toward potential mates, and are more interested in long-term relationships than are the children of divorce.