Question 20

Rubber Band: 

Savoring, pleasures, gratifications


(Authentic Happiness 103-120)

* Pleasures are delights that have a clear sensory and strong emotional components, what philosophers call “raw feels”: ecstasy, thrills, orgasm, delight mirth exuberance and comfort. They involve little, if any, thinking.
* If you habitually go for the same pleasure, like eating ice cream every day, than the pleasure becomes less good.
* Gratifications are activities we very much like doing, but are not necessarily accompanied by any raw feelings at all. Gratifications engage us fully, we become immersed and absorbed in them (flow) and we lose self-consciousness. Gratifications last longer than pleasures, they involve quite a lot of thinking and interpretation, they do not habituate easily, and they are undergirded by our strengths and virtues.
* Savoring is the awareness of pleasure and of the deliberate conscious attention to the experience of pleasure.
* There are five techniques to savoring
o Sharing with others
o Memory building
o Self-congratulation
o Sharpening perceptions
o Absorption ( flow)