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What is "Flow"; how is it achieved


What is flow?

Flow is a state of intense absorption and involvement with the present moment. You’re totally immersed in what you’re doing, fully concentrations and unaware or yourself. The activity you are performing is challenging and engrossing, stretching yours skills and expertise. When in flow, people report feeling strong and efficacious, at the peak of their abilities, alert and completely unself-concious. They do the activity for the sheer sake of doing it. Complete absorption in what one is doing.

Benefits of Flow

It is pleasurable and fulfilling. Enjoyment is long-lasting and reinforcing, a positive high, positive, productive. We want to repeat them. It helps us make new goals. We are involved in life.

7 Ways to Increase Flow

Finding flow involves the ability to expand your mind and body to its limits, to strive to accomplish something difficult, novel or worthwhile and to discover rewards in the process of each moment.

1. Control attention: Your aim is to gain control over what you pay attention to. To gain control over the contents of your consciousness moment by moment. Control the quality of your experience. If the experience is too easy you get bored. Too hard and you get stressed and tense.
2. Adopt new values: Be open to new and different experiences. Learn until the day you die.

Flow what is it? How to engage in it?

"How To" p 181-182

"complete absorption in what one does"

Flow is a state of intense absorption and involvement with the present moment. You are totally immersed in what you are doing; you lose all track of time and everything else. the activity is challenging and engrossing, stretches your skills and expertise. You feel strong and at the peak of your ability, alert, and inn control. You do the activity merely for the sake of doing it.

How to engage ---establish a balance between skills and challenges; an experience that falls in just the right space between boredom and anxiety