Question 26

Rubber Band: 

Pleasant life, good life, meaningful life


Pleasant life-focused on the pleasures of life, but these are short lived (temporal happiness).
Good Life- Also known as the engaged life. This happens when we discover our own individual strengths and use them and engage in FLOW.
Meaningful Life- This occurs when we develop our signature strengths and used them for the good and benefit of others. In other words for the good of everyone and not just one's own self.

3 Levels of Happiness:

p 8 & 112 --"Authentic Happiness" and from my class notes

1. Pleasant Life: shortcuts; doing things that bring us pleasure(we derive these from things that make us feel good such as chocolate or drugs --instant gratification--)

2. The Good Life (an engaged life): we are aware of and use our signature strengths

Eudaimonia means happiness

3. Meaningful Life: utilizing our strengths to help others (for the greater good); this is the longest lasting or 'authentic happiness'