I'm sure someone out there would use a password field that worked like the one on the iPhone, so I made it. This is a movieclip which has a input textfield inside of it. The movieclip then has a class associated with it which controls all the functionality. This was a quick and dirty, yet fun, rendition of the iPhone password textfield. Enjoy!
February 07, 2010
So here it is, I know that some of you (and by some, I mean one person) have been anxiously waiting for me to put up my GA attempt. I think I've got the idea of genetic algorithms down now, but my fitness function is weak! I'm sure I'll revisit this project in the near future. Also, this gave me some ideas so I must drop a link-
October 11, 2009
A prototype I did with a logo. I cut up the pieces to the logo and just applied the same simple class to each piece.
October 09, 2009
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