Event Listener Example

I wrote this to demonstrate the observer design pattern. There is one object (window) which dispatches an event when the “shake” button is clicked. All shape objects listen to the window object for a “shake” event. When an object hears a “shake” event it will check to see if it meets the credentials and if it does then it will “shake”.

Note: In order to get this example to work you’ll have to visit the actual fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/zyvw9gxt/

IOS Scrolling in Flash

You’ll need Flash Player 10.1+ to this this example.

I recently looked for an IOS scrollbar for iPhone and iPad written in AS3 to implement with an AIR to IOS project and wasn’t able to find one so I decided I would try to make it my self. I’ll tell you this much – IOS scrolling is more complex than you might think at first glance.

AIR to IOS multitouch


I started on a class called TouchPull and I wanted a graphical example of it so put one together yesterday. This class gives you access to pull direction, distance and a make-shift velocity. All the files to make this example work on your own multitouch (AIR friendly) device are attached (other than provision + dev cert). Make note that TouchEvents do not work with the mouse. So you won’t be able to test this on your machine unless you have a TouchEvent friendly device attached.

Signature Pad

Looks like you need to upgrade flash player.

Someone asked the question on Stack Overflow on how to create a signature box using actionscript 3 so I decided it was a good excuse to demo one in the playground. I saved the .fla back as far as I could (it’s in a CS4 version). Also, I’ve published this for Flash Player 9 in hopes that all can see.

Flash Cards

Ever wanted to make flash cards without having to bust out the pencil and paper? I decided to make a flash card app so you can quiz yourself if you’re wanting to do some memorization. It only allows text, but it will save your questions and answers in a flash cookie for later use.


I was bored tonight and wanted to making something in mark of Valentine’s day. I’ve always been fascinated with animations that play on memory management. This swf has a never ending display of enlarging hearts, but it never bogs down. How is it done? Magic 😀

iPhone Passwords

I’m sure someone out there would use a password field that worked like the one on the iPhone, so I made it. This is a movieclip which has a input textfield inside of it. The movieclip then has a class associated with it which controls all the functionality. This was a quick and dirty, yet fun, rendition of the iPhone password textfield. Enjoy!

Traveling Salesman

So here it is, I know that some of you (and by some, I mean one person) have been anxiously waiting for me to put up my GA attempt. I think I’ve got the idea of genetic algorithms down now, but my fitness function is weak! I’m sure I’ll revisit this project in the near future.

Also, this gave me some ideas so I must drop a link-

Compass Proto

A prototype I did with a logo. I cut up the pieces to the logo and just applied the same simple class to each piece.