FOX Business Video Player
FOX News

This is the player that was developed for video.foxbusiness.com with the MMCore project I wrote for FOX News. FOX Business was actually the first site to use the MMCore functionality. This video player is a skin that uses functionality from the core to allow the user to interface with video. I was thrilled when I realized that pairing a skin with the separate core piece was going to be a very lightweight and robust system for video.

Name The Oscar Winner
Riser Media
Think you know your Oscar winners? Test your know with ABC's Oscar trivia. Beat the timer and earn the right to talk big at the water cooler!
General Hospital 3D Family Tree
Riser Media

Before the world of papervision and 2.5d there was actionscript 2. This was a pseudo 3d line engine I created to show the family tree for the famous soap "General Hospital".

Desperate Housewives Weekly Trivia
Riser Media

Created a small trivia engine for desperate housewives shown on ABC.

I Am Lost
Riser Media

As my first gig with JandaCo, I put together a game engine in flash for the first season of ABC's lost. I was asked to create the game after the feel of "Myst". Every week, after an you watched an episode of lost, you could use the knowledge for that weeks episode to work your way toward the shore! Janda put together the images, I put together the game and the fans made "I Am Lost" a great milestone.