FOX Business Video Player
FOX News

This is the player that was developed for video.foxbusiness.com with the MMCore project I wrote for FOX News. FOX Business was actually the first site to use the MMCore functionality. This video player is a skin that uses functionality from the core to allow the user to interface with video. I was thrilled when I realized that pairing a skin with the separate core piece was going to be a very lightweight and robust system for video.

Bratz Diamondz
Riser Media
Big night out? Well it is with Bratz Diamondz! Blink out your bratz and paint the town red. When you come back, you'll still have your bling thanks to flash shared objects (aka flash cookies).
Big Fish 'Lil Fish
Riser Media
As my first AI interactive, this game allows you (the scuba diver) to play against some veteran card players with the option of 3 difficulty levels.
Bratz Mall Crawl
Riser Media
Split level 2D gaming became my scene with the Bratz Mall Crawl interactive. An AI "bully" chases this cuties around a mall while they collect several toy power-ups.
Desperate Housewives Quiz
Riser Media
Desperate Housewives was the birth of show quizzes at JandaCo. We continued with this XML fed engine for quite some time. Based on several point based questions, you were matched with whichever housewife you paired closest to.