About Me

I am currently available for freelance projects. Feel free to Contact Me with opportunities.

In Layman’s terms I’m a Developer but it doesn’t end there

About Me

I am an Engineer

It’s been 18 years (started young) and I still find myself tinkering within the tech world. There is no satiation for technology here, just the to want to make every fascinating contraption that comes to mind. Like the traditional techie I am you can find me either building my latest great invention or reverse-engineering someone else’s.

I love what I do

It took years but I eventually realized that my hobby was in fact a profession. I’ve been familiarizing myself with web related technologies since junior high when I hosted my first site via angelfire.com. I’ve always had a knack for pieces that “don’t quite fit” and I’ve been continually playing with those pieces for decades now.

I am a Designer (kind of)

Ever since being introduced to photoshop I have gained a great respect for design concepts since. I spent much of my free time tying design & code together and reveling in the results. Although I don’t consider UI my strength, I’m savvy when it comes to UX and how to get the designed experience to match the user experience pixel for pixel (mind the DPI).