IOS Scrolling in Flash

You'll need Flash Player 10.1+ to this this example.

I recently looked for an IOS scrollbar for iPhone and iPad written in AS3 to implement with an AIR to IOS project and wasn't able to find one so I decided I would try to make it my self. I'll tell you this much - IOS scrolling is more complex than you might think at first glance.

It's not a perfect re-make, but it's comperable. The classes needed to compile the source are in the jacksonkr as3 kit on github. In case you're a minimizer, you'll only need com.jacksonkr.ui.IOSScroll* (2 files)

When using this on a mobile device you'll get the best performance when using a GPU mode and content that is either a bitmap or cached as a bitmap.

This IOS scrollbar for Actionscript was made using Flash CS5.5 and saved as a CS5 document. The source has been attached to this post.


I hear that it's confusing to download everything you need so I added a zip called which works out of the box. If you're like me and just like to grab-files-and-go then just download the

The sample

Have you tried the sample link I provided? Start there and see if you can't work your way backword.


If this just happens on the iphone that I probably won't be able to thelp, but if it happens in the flash player too then shoot me some code via email and I'll see what I can find out.

Oh no

Well that's no fun. Can you shoot me a youtube or even just a screenshot? I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about, but I'm happy to look into it. Cheers!

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