Jackson Kent Rollins


  • I like to dissect the technical requirements to any project so I can assemble which technologies are most appropriate.
  • When reviewing a project I often find recommendations to give back to the client/designer of new features that are available. This way they can decide to make an update to their product before development foundations are concrete.
  • I like working in team environments, especially when individual strengths have been established. Understanding delegation is a fundamental part of my skillset.
  • Proficient in ReactJS, objective-C for ios devices, Java (Android), PhP, MySQL (queries/design), Javascript(es5,es6)/JQuery, AJAX, and CSS among the must-haves of html, xml, etc..
  • Strong use and understanding of Object Oriented Programming
  • Plenty of experience with Actionscript 2.0/3.0 and many programs associated with Flash, my bread-and-butter from a pervious life.
  • Capable of tying several technologies together in order to build powerful Apps and RIA’s, SPA’s.
  • I LOVE working with creative minds. I take the opportunity to work with talented teams and individuals whenever the option is available.
  • Began my career in the design world and am hands on with Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash (as a vector tool).
  • Extra: Extensive Linux server background on the following distributions: Fedora Core / Red Hat, Gentoo and Ubuntu.
  • Extra: Extensive computer hardware background, covering PC hardware, assembly and maintenance procedures.
  • I will gladly work with Mac, PC, and/or Linux.

Work History

Media Jack Agency LLC

Provo, Utah

April 2010 – Current
  • As a small business Owner & Operator I help bring in projects and monitor many of our day-to-day operations. I like to make sure things are running smoothly and that the work being done at our office is on course to be sent to the client by the proposed deadline.
  • I help out with development when more hands are needed on deck. It is my talents & skills with development that got the company off the ground so it’s a nobrainer that I help out as needed.
  • Worked with my team to create the JOM iPhone App which incorporates custom UX in the navigation.
  • Worked with my team to create the JOM iPad App complete with a custom UI.
  • Worked with my team to create the FOX Business app for Google TV.
  • Worked with my team to create a custom WordPress theme for One Red Leaf Entertainment.
  • Worked with my team to create a custom WordPress theme for Insource Technology Corporation.
  • Worked with my team to create the Mark Mauzy app for the iPhone 4 (backward compatable).
  • Worked with my team to create the FOX Business app for the Kindle Fire.
  • Worked with my team to build the custom Interactive UI for
  • Created the compass navigation for the LJ Cooper splash page.
  • Worked with my team to create the Joel Osteen facebook canvas/iframe pages to leverage their Content Management System.
  • Worked with my team to create the JOM OnDemand Video Player with accompanied housing functionality.
  • Worked with my team to create the Lakewood Webcast (live streaming) video player.
  • Worked with my team to create an image/content slider engine for use with all browsers and iOS devices (HTML5).

FOX News

Manhattan, New York

May 2008 – Sep 09
  • Constructed 2008 elections flash map with real time updates (at 10sec intervals & Akamai cached) as well as historical election information for 2004 and
  • Helped create a full end (front & back) system. I created the front end player which allowed several player skins to load into a universal video player, therefore allowing seamless updates to all skins with only one update.
  • Created the flash media player (skin) used for FOX News and FOX Business.
  • Developed a flex application for the Obama Change Index which kept tally of ratings on the president from candidates of each major political party, including a public rating. The data was pulled from Drupal 6 CMS.
  • Coded the FOX New Years Eve interactive for 2009 which featured a system which allowed users to vote on different headlines over the year and watch favorite clips from six of the networks favority personalities.
  • Developed a flex application which keeping schedule information for the FOX News cable channel. At the single press of a button, the application would convert to xml and ship to vendors as needed. Also, the application would schedule it’s self to be shipped to vendors bi-weekly by the server (crontab).
  • Developed some iOS prototype apps (streaming media & RSS reader)
  • Incorporated double-click advertising features into a number of flash pieces.
  • Concepted the Obama’s Cabinet selection interactive and constructed/coded the interactive in flash. Worked with amfphp where user votes were stored. Allow use with phpadmin as limited CMS.
  • Worked with back-end development specialist to create the concept of an internal media delivery system which would manage all video assets, ship correct ones to distrubers and index the rest for online play. Included ability to add meta information and keyword tags to videos which were searchable by the engine.

Jackson Kent Rollins (freelance)

Orem, Utah

2006 – Currently
  • Created a flash app for ESPN via Invoke Media. Collaborated with a REST API to get information which was relayed to the flash interactive.
  • Created a flash interactive for Revlon which gave the user a list of products to use based on their eye color, skin complextion, and hair color.
  • Constructed html, css, javascript, and jquery into a non-flash menu system for revlon along with several HTML pages.
  • Created portfolio site for in actionscript 2.0
  • Created Bonneville video presentation in actionscript 2.0
  • Created xml-fed and customizable website in actionscript 3.0
  • Developed PHP payment gateway using the CIM (Customer Information Management) system.

Fat Bottom Line

Clovis, California

2006 – 2007
  • Concepted and built a prototype for a representative to “call” a user via realtime video.
  • Contepted and built a prototype to capture realtime browsing data from an active website visitor. ie. location of mouse, form information (non-personal), etc.
  • Senior dev for 3 programs which used Flash and Flash Media Server to provide services to clients.
  • Lead Programming for VideoHelpLive, VideoAuctionLive and VideoSeminarLive
  • Used Flash in coordination with FMS and Flash Remoting to send user information to and from PHP/MySQL

Janda Design Company

Alpine, Utah

2004 – 2006
  • Senior Developer.
  • Organized a MySQL + PHP Content Management System as well as all site templates for (founded by Cheryl Saban)
  • Flash Programming and animation for General Hospital, All My Children, and One Life To Live 3D Family Trees.
  • Flash Programming for ABC’s Hope and Faith Quiz
  • Flash Programming and animation for ABC Desperate Housewives quizzes(2x)
  • Flash Programming and animation for ABC’s Lost Season One game (similar to Myst)
  • Flash Programming and animation for ABC’s Oscar Games
  • Flash Programming and animation for ABC’s The Nine
  • Participated in flash site creation for ABC’s Ugly Betty
  • Flash Programming for MGA game Mall Crawl
  • Flash Programming and animation for MGA Card game Big Fish Lil’ Fish
  • Flash Programming and animation for MGA Bratz Diamondz dress-up game
  • Flash Programming and animation for MGA Bratz Ponyz dress-up game
  • Flash Programming and animation for MGA Bratz Fashion Designer dress-up game
  • Flash Programming and animation for MGA Bratz Tale Twisterz Ad lib game
  • Flash Animation for BBC NBC Universal main page
  • Flash Programming and animation for ABC’s Alias quiz
  • 3D Modeling of SGH hospital for ABC’s Gray’s Anatomy website
  • Participated in design of ABC’s Gray’s Anatomy flash site
  • Flash Programming for ABC’s Gray’s Anatomy flash site
  • Flash Programming for AOL’s TMZ (30 mile zone)
  • Web Layout for AOL’s TMZ (30 mile zone)
  • Participated in Flash Design of AOL’s Media Browser
  • Flash Programming for AOL’s Giant Laptop Software for the Streaming TV Classics demo in New York
  • Created an Apple Desktop widget for ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas Count Down using Flash and RSS feed
  • More unlisted..

Profit Max

Orem, Utah

  • Made design layouts for several of the sites which profit max hosted
  • Helped in PHP/MySQL design and layout

UVSC Web Design Team

Orem, Utah

  • Worked with Macromedia ColdFusion and HTML to create/modify pages for the college website