I *heard* that iOS 8 beta currently has some pretty big bugs. From my source, the touch input works fine until you open an app at which point where you touch shows up half a screen width away to the right. Is anyone else having issues like this?

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A colleague of mine recently told me about a better / smarter way to advertise. I particularly like it because it leaves your users feeling better about their decision to let you make a few pennies off of them. Find out more about award driven advertising with kiip.com

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Today a friend of mine sent me a great interactive resume by Robby Leonardi. I like this kind of work because it is what inspires me. It makes me want to be creative so that one day someone says, "Hey, look at this thing Jackson Rollins did. I want to do something like that."

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I recently found out that macarons and macaroons are similar but at the same time different. "Hey Jackson, this is supposed to be a site for development, not home economics." Well, touche. The real reason I bring this up is because of their statically placed background image. Just take a look at it, go to the page. As you scroll down, it scrolls left and right. What a great use of otherwise boring realestate! Of course they used this for ad space, but hey, they are making money. There might need to be a potential siezure warning splashed onto this page though.

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I was trying to figure out how to enable a nexus 7 device for development and it wasn't like a lot of the other android devices. To unlock the Nexus 7 for Eclipse (or other) development you have to do this clever trick. Its kind of like finding an easter egg.

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