AIR to IOS multitouch

I started on a class called TouchPull and I wanted a graphical example of it so put one together yesterday. This class gives you access to pull direction, distance and a make-shift velocity. All the files to make this example work on your own multitouch (AIR friendly) device are attached (other than provision + dev cert). Make note that TouchEvents do not work with the mouse. So you won't be able to test this on your machine unless you have a TouchEvent friendly device attached.

To compile the example you will need the following:

  • Flash CS 5.5 or higher
  • AIR overlay of 3.1 or higher
  • Apple Developer account with valid developer certificate and valid mobile provisioning license

Also note, You'll find a public static const inside of

I modified this example to only work on your computer with a mouse meaning a multitouch device will only allow you to use one finger. This example will easily convert to listening for touches, but then a mouse will no longer work. The code for TouchEvents is still in the project, it's just commented out.

My bad

I had changed this example a couple of times and apparently forgot to update a few things. Hopefully all is well now!

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