Set Windows 10 Basecamp partition back to GPT (advanced)

Is windows telling you it can’t install because your drive contains an MBR when it should contain a GPT? Here’s how you can get around that:

Use an Ubuntu Live CD. I personally use an EFI thumb drive.

  1. Put the “live cd” (flash drive) in
  2. reboot and once you hear the apple chime make sure to press & hold down the `option` key until you see boot options
  3. You’ll see a few different boot options and you can select EFI then boot into live mode. If you don’t see the EFI option then you may need to try a different live cd.

Once in the Ubuntu OS open up a terminal and do the following commands:

For the first step you need to pick the drive with the issue. Mine was /dev/sda but yours may be /dev/disk0. You’re safe to guess because we’ll double check the drive info to make sure it’s the one you want.

$ sudo gdisk /dev/sda

press `?` to see the help menu

press `p` to see your current drive’s details. If this is the wrong drive then press `q` and try again.

press `x` to enter the experts menu

press `n` to create and new protectve MBR

press `w` to write these changes to disk.

  • Remove the Ubuntu Live CD flash drive and insert your Windows EFI boot media
  • Reboot and hold option at the chime again
  • This time select your Windows EFI boot and the setup should be pretty standard from here.

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