JOM iPhone App

We created a custom UI for the Joel Osteen Ministries iPhone App. This allowed for a custom menu at the bottom of the app and not just the standard tab bar included from apple.

JOM iPad App

I created a custom UI for the Joel Osteen Ministries iPad App. I wrote the caching system for feeds & video and I also assisted with the creation of a number of the layouts for different parts of the application.

MediaJack HTML Spotlight

I helped create the buik of this html spotlight gallery spinner which was built from the ground up (100% custom). This interactive is very browser friendly and even works on iOS mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

Take a look at the MediaJack HTML Spotlight.

Tax Hike Calculator

The Tax cuts might be going away. If so, use this little calculator to see what your estimated increase will be. The concept was created at FOX News and I brought it to life for them.

News Ticker – Fade-in/out

A fashionable XML ticker for the masses. This ticker fades XML text items in and then fades them out after a time limit. Complete with on-site version and embedable version for your home page or blog.

Scrolling News Ticker

This is a scrolling news ticker which reads in the desired XML and displays it in an easy-to-read side-scrolling ticker. I decided to let users control the speed of the ticker by using their mouse position. The further left you are, the slower the ticker goes and it will even allow you to go in reverse (in case you weren’t done reading).

This ticker comes with an on-site version and an embed version so it can be added to a user’s site or blog. Nifty.

ESPN’s RV Chase

The iPhone app had already been created and I was to program a more simple flash adaptation of the app so users could check their stats online. I utlized some amfphp in this project which grabbed info from the API in JSON format and then sent it to flash.


I created a number of aspects for the Revlon campaign via Sqeaky. Part of my task was to create a menu which felt like flash, but was done entirely with javascript and html. You can see the menu by mousing over “Explore” in the bottom left corner of the site.

Vida Lexus

Come learn about Lexus in a bilingual environment complete with event listings and photos.

Some of the features in this site that had me excited during development were the SEO friendly flash headers (thanks sifr) as well as the session based memory of language preference which worked hand-in-hand with a light custom framework to make site development quick & dreamy.

2008 Real Time Elections Map

As my first project at FOX News I had three months until election day 2008 to build an interactive elections map. Toward the middle of the project I realized we could do real time polling with our data, so we did. On election night this map polled for updated data every 10 seconds (thanks to relief from akamai) and would color the states as well as change vote amounts according to the freshly squeezed data. This map alone got ~1.4 billion hits election night!