Vida Lexus

Come learn about Lexus in a bilingual environment complete with event listings and photos.

Some of the features in this site that had me excited during development were the SEO friendly flash headers (thanks sifr) as well as the session based memory of language preference which worked hand-in-hand with a light custom framework to make site development quick & dreamy.

2008 Real Time Elections Map

As my first project at FOX News I had three months until election day 2008 to build an interactive elections map. Toward the middle of the project I realized we could do real time polling with our data, so we did. On election night this map polled for updated data every 10 seconds (thanks to relief from akamai) and would color the states as well as change vote amounts according to the freshly squeezed data. This map alone got ~1.4 billion hits election night!

Obama’s Cabinet

Obama’s Cabinet was created in my free time. I pitched the idea over at FOX and it was a go. Within a week from the start date we had a finished and launched product. The very next week they played a snippet of the cabinet on TV and told the folks at home to check it out!

Video Snippet from TV

Hannity Border Map

Hannity’s people track border events via this map tool. I added a fun perspective shadow to the “3d” items and Ian Jopson did the design. This map brought in text & video information from a Drupal database.

This clip was featured on FOX News

Best of 2008

Ringing in 2009 was web savvy with the FOX News new year’s eve interactive. What’s better than kicking the new year off with a champagne bubble emitter and leaving your vote on terrible images? That’s right, just about anything else you might do on new year’s eve is better. However, this was a fun project and the FOX folks were all happy about it (that counts me too!).

Obama Change Index

Each week there are experts from the Democratic, Republican and Independent parties which vote on Obama’s Presidential performance. This app allows users to subscribe to a weekly email, view the weekly recorded data and even cast a public vote as to how they feel the president is doing.

MMCore aka FOX News Video Core

This is my crown jewel for mass video transit. This project created scalability for FOX News to create several video players, but use the same universal core. Using the same core functionality allows them to do system wide updates for ad handling, tracking and protocol measures in just one file.

FOX Business Video Player

This is the player that was developed for with the MMCore project I wrote for FOX News. FOX Business was actually the first site to use the MMCore functionality. This video player is a skin that uses functionality from the core to allow the user to interface with video. I was thrilled when I realized that pairing a skin with the separate core piece was going to be a very lightweight and robust system for video.

25 Days Mac OS X Widget

This widget let you countdown to Christmas and effectively gave you daily ABC programming at the same time. Why didn’t you think of that?

Bratz Babyz Ponyz Stylin’ Show

Style yourself a perdy pony and put’er in the Stylin’ Show. This RIA was built with object reconstruction in flash so that you can take your pony for the style to stardom without losing an ounce of shimmer!