Grey’s Anatomy Character Guide

The problem with the “Seattle Grace Hospital” is that it doesn’t exist.. Thanks the plethora of applications, SGH was born. Along with hospital images, I created a flash page by page description of Grey’s characters.

Bratz Fashion Designer

A dress up game? Sure why not. I brought this game to life in flash and added some fun effects for the kids. You can add fills to clothing using fills and/or patterns. Had a great intro compared to flash apps at that time as well, if I do say so myself 😀

Your Perfect Oscar Date

ABC had us do an Oscar’s quiz for who your best match might be. I’m not telling who mine is!

Desperate Housewives Quiz

Desperate Housewives was the birth of show quizzes at JandaCo. We continued with this XML fed engine for quite some time. Based on several point based questions, you were matched with whichever housewife you paired closest to.

Bratz Mall Crawl

Split level 2D gaming became my scene with the Bratz Mall Crawl interactive. An AI “bully” chases this cuties around a mall while they collect several toy power-ups.

Big Fish ‘Lil Fish

As my first AI interactive, this game allows you (the scuba diver) to play against some veteran card players with the option of 3 difficulty levels.

Bratz Diamondz

Big night out? Well it is with Bratz Diamondz! Blink out your bratz and paint the town red. When you come back, you’ll still have your bling thanks to flash shared objects (aka flash cookies).

Name The Oscar Winner

Think you know your Oscar winners? Test your know with ABC’s Oscar trivia. Beat the timer and earn the right to talk big at the water cooler!

Bratz Babyz Ponyz Stylin’ Show

Style yourself a perdy pony and put’er in the Stylin’ Show. This RIA was built with object reconstruction in flash so that you can take your pony for the style to stardom without losing an ounce of shimmer!

25 Days Mac OS X Widget

This widget let you countdown to Christmas and effectively gave you daily ABC programming at the same time. Why didn’t you think of that?